Thermene – Graphene-Based Thermal Paste

Get a Better Overclock With Thermene

Thermene – Graphene Thermal Paste 2nd Generation

Thermene – Graphene Thermal Paste 2nd Generation
Thermene reduces your CPU temperature by an average of 6°C over Arctic Silver 5. Overclock your PC better than ever before. Now available in 3 mL and 1 mL Personal Edition sizes.


• Graphene micronized particles create heat transfer bridges throughout the compound

• Zinc nanoparticles fill the smallest gaps to ensure maximum heat distribution

• Natural non-toxic highly thermally-conductive thermal base facilitates graphene and other micro/nanoparticles

• No run-off, bleed, or migration due to graphene's properties

• Easy application of Thermene allows for superior heat transfer




• On average achieves ~6°C lower temperatures than Arctic Silver 5

• 99.8% pure defect-free graphene particles <5 microns diameter


• Thermal conductivity of 11.11 W/mK


• <200 nanometer zinc nanoparticles and other highly thermally-conductive fillers

• Natural non-toxic glycerol base

• 3 mL (9 grams) syringe of Thermene can be applied to 15-25 normal-sized CPUs

• 1 mL (3 grams) syringe of Thermene can be applied to 5-10 normal-sized CPUs


As measured in a controlled test using IntelBurnTest V2.

Thermene is the clear winner.

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Thermene is proudly formulated and manufactured in the USA.



Some videos online referring to a low-performing thermal paste supposedly based on graphene are referring to a (seemingly defunct) separate and completely unrelated manufacturer, Thermene is in no way related to that manufacturer, and manufactures the only high-performance graphene thermal paste available today.

Thank you.